house solar systems I moved to Santa Cruz, California, for the Environmental Studies program at UCSC. I ended up graduating in Computer and Information Science in 1982, and have lived here with my family ever since. We've been in this house since 1994. We installed the photovoltaic system in 1998, the second on-grid house in Santa Cruz County. We received the full $4.50/Watt incentive, but the early inverters required batteries, and this has led to some extra expenses with our system. We installed the drainback solar water heating a couple years ago, after the DIY batch system proved inadequate. We've got 20 fruit trees, an attached greenhouse, annual vegetables, and lots of weeds.

house fruit trees Peach, apples, filberts, and berries along the east side of the house.

I started training in Aikido in 1987, in self-defense, as my wife was practicing Aikido and my son Taekwondo. I continue to train, as I find it helps me maintain some balance in my life. I play some disc sports, though these days it has mostly shifted from ultimate to goaltimate.

Taking ukemi That's me taking the fall. (Photo by David Christie.)

I get around Santa Cruz mostly by bicycle, from the beach to the mountains. When I can, I love to get away for hiking or backpacking.

My Spanish is pretty good, though it has been a long time since I've been to Latin America or Spain.

Things I'd like to know:

More pictures, since I have them:
Anno Sensei Learning from Anno Sensei. (Photo by David Christie.)

Attached greenhouse, which provides tomatoes and peppers out of season: Greenhouse