The Environmental Resources Engineering program at Humboldt State University (HSU) is a hands-on environmental engineering program which prepares students for traditional environmental areas such as water resources, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and air and water quality, and also covers energy resources, with coursework in renewable energy and energy conservation.

The HSU program emphasizes research, writing, and oral presentation skills. The faculty promotes a probabilistic analysis of environmental problems and an awareness of the tradeoffs involved in potential interventions. Engineering economic analysis is emphasized throughout the program. The Numerical Methods sequence focuses on implementation of numerical algorithms in Fortran. Standard tools such as AutoCAD® and Excel are used.

The following are some individual and group research papers I wrote as part of my studies.

The program included the following classes.

Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics I & II Hydrology
Strength of Materials Numerical Methods I-III Renewable Energy
Water Quality Probability & Statistics Solar Thermal Systems
Statics Environmental Health Solid Waste
Systems Engineering/Economics Electric Circuits Transport Phenomena
Dynamics Engineering Graphics Natural Resource Economics

Since graduation I have continued my studies with energy-related courses including HVAC Fundamentals, Electric Power Systems, Building Envelopes, Electric Motors, Energy Auditing, and Retrocommisioning from the PG&E Pacific Energy Center, the Association of Energy Engineers, and other organizations, in pursuit of appropriate certifications.

The following professors can be contacted as references.