In 2004 I started on a new career path, pursuing a long-time interest in ecologically sound living by enrolling in the Environmental Resources Engineering program at Humboldt State University. While an engineering student, I spent one summer as an intern, at Ecology Action, an environmental non-profit in Santa Cruz. I researched the technology, economics, and policy of Combined Heat and Power in California. My supervisor was Mahlon Aldridge, vice-president of the Energy Group at Ecology Action.

In 20 years as a software engineer, I worked for The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Intersan, Inc. (later purchased by Finisar), and as an independent consultant. SCO employees have spread far and wide, but Intersan founding CEO Chris Melville, and CTO Christina Mercier can be contacted as references.

At SCO I worked on all aspects of the UNIX operating system, with a focus on internals, including process scheduling, file systems, hardware drivers, networking internals, network file systems, interrupts, and libraries. At Intersan, I worked on device specific agents, communication code, and system design. My later programming was within the object-oriented paradigm. I have worked on multi-CPU programs, both on the application level and within the kernel. I spent several years in an "Escalations" group, working on problems in all parts of the UNIX system, including large applications.

Most of my programming has been in the 'C' language; however I have also used assembler, C++, Perl, Sh, and done some database programming. At HSU I programmed quite a bit in Fortran, and used Excel extensively.